Changyi Longgang New Material Co., Ltd.


Changyi Longgang new material Co., Ltd. is located in Binhai (Xiaying) Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 267 mu. With a total investment of 638 million yuan and a planned construction area of 93000 square meters, the project mainly produces high-end inorganic silicide series products such as new marine machinery rust inhibitor, ultra-high purity silica, spherical macroporous silica gel and so on. After the completion of the project, it will break through the key preparation technology of the industry, establish a first-class inorganic silicide innovation chain and industrial chain, and build a high-end all intelligent factory in the industry and a domestic advanced inorganic silicide production base. The project has been selected as the preferred project of new and old kinetic energy conversion in 2020.

Changyi Longgang New Material Co., Ltd.

Longgang New Materials

Tel.: 0536-6039999

Project address: Binhai (Xiaying) Economic Development Zone, Changyi City